Products made from

essential oils,


and spices found in Ancient times.

The MenStylePower Men's Wellness Kit

The MenStylePower Men's Wellness Kit


What does wellness mean to you? Gentlemen, Deus Lux has partnered with the Award-winning Men's Lifestyle Platform MenStylePower to bring to market one of the 'first' men's wellness kits in Australia. 


Wellness for men is a new notion even though many movements have popped up over the past several years. They include, meditation, yoga and pilates for men, and a big focus on sleep and recovery.




There are few tools and resources that assist a guy to keep his wellness in check. MenStylePower know this all to well having been in the industry for over 14 years, and founder Louise Edmonds decided to create this kit to help gents access mood lifting and virus defending products.


Car Cool-Mist Humidifier

Anti-bacterial hand and surface spray for your man bag

Perfect pure essential oil for the humidifier

Black silk eye mask for the best sleep of your life