Products made from

essential oils,


and spices found in Ancient times.






A kit purpose build for intemittent fasters, people seeking prayer and meditation tools and those dedicated to holistic health and wellness. 


The Candle, named PRAY– is made from essential oils of White Blossoms, Botanical Orange, Patchouli, Frankincense and a blend of Aloes also known as sandalwood and cedarwood.


These oils reduce stress and anxiety levels, promote an uplifting and refreshing sense of self and aids digestion, nutrient absorption and helps with sleep disorders. Orange and Frankincense stimulates strength and resilience of the immune system and eliminate airborne bacteria.


The morning fasting tea is called INCIPERE, meaning being/commit in Latin:

Both teas are Loose leaf teas and are Organic. The ingredients of Incipere are raw and roasted dandelion root, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, marshmallow root, liquorice root. The traditional therapy is to aid the digestive system, reduce cravings, cleanse the blood & Liver and detoxify the bowel.


The afternoon fasting tea is called SPIRITUS, meaning spirit in Latin: It comprises of Sage leaf, Lemon myrtle leaf, Lavender flower, Peppermint leaf and its Traditional Therapy is to calm the nerves, clear the head & stress relief.

  • Care Instructions

    Keep tea jars closed when not in use, as they are living fresh ingredients. Keep candle out of sunlight, as this will affect its burning capacity.