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essential oils,


and spices found in Ancient times.

Meditations by Deus Lux

Meditations by Deus Lux


Immerse yourself into a powerful God meditation every morning for 10 minutes with this commissioned meditation piece by Deus Lux.


This God-Meditation brings your attention to the very core of your being with the angelic and reverent sounds aiming tol reduce stress, anxiety and lift your spirits while reminding you of God's immense power. 


When you meditate, the brain and nervous system undergo radical changes that cause the reduction and prevention of depressive conditions.


Add this Meditation to your Pray Fast Heal kits, to see connected benefits of healing through music, meditation, aromatherapy and natropathy. 

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    This file is an MP3, available on most devices. it is 14MG in size and is 10 minutes in duration. Perfect for a short yet powerful God Meditation each morning.