Products made from

essential oils,


and spices found in Ancient times.

7-Day Supply Fasting Teas

7-Day Supply Fasting Teas


Our Fasting Teas are both organic and delicious. Broken into two distinct flavours these loose leaf teas are supplied in glass jars in a 7-day fasting supply. 


Incipere the morning fasting tea, means 'begin/commit' in Latin, and is made from precious organic ingredients found in biblical times. The ingredients of Incipere are raw and roasted dandelion root, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, marshmallow root, liquorice root. The traditional therapy is to aid the digestive system, reduce cravings, cleanse the blood & Liver and detoxify the bowel.


Spiritus meaning 'Spirit' in Latin is designed to drink in the afternoon or just before bed and it lifts the spirit. It comprises of Sage leaf, Lemon myrtle leaf, Lavender flower, Peppermint leaf and its Traditional Therapy is to calm the nerves, clear the head & stress relief.


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  • Care Instruction

    Our organic loose leaf fasting teas, are made from ingredients with no preservatives, so keep them out of sunlight and in air tight containers. This is why we've provided them in glass jars.