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Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Deus Lux teaches you how to pray, fast and heal effectively as to get the best results in this fast paced world. We are aware of confined time and work pressure, so we've created this powerful prayer and fasting remedy for those needing to reset their bodies, minds and spirits.


Drink a large glass of water (filtered or bottled)

I always like to have a cup of tea after this as it is my comfort piece.

I then light my candle and I focus on being still.

If you'd like, play some classical music, or go to our 'meditation page' and listen to our commissioned piece specifically for Prayer and Fasting. I also love listening to Gregorian chants in the morning just for 10 minutes as I sit still and just listen.

You're most welcome to have a weak black coffee, if you feel you need to. Be aware though that coffee inhibits nutrition so go sparingly.

If you need sweeteners, use sugar free maple syrup by the brand Queen.

8am - 12pm

After 1 hour, prepare your fasting tea INCIPERE. Place 1 teaspoon of tea into 200 ml of boiling water and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. This gives it incredible flavour.

Drink this tea at your leisure as you go about your morning.

Refill hot water into your vessel with the original 1 teaspoon of tea for as many times you need up until 12pm. If you want a stronger taste, take out the cardamom pods and crush them to allow the smaller seeds to seep into the tea.


Miso Soup (either from the packet, or buy good quality from an Asian grocer)

Herbal teas (green is excellent because of the antioxidant properties)

Water (filtered or bottled)

2pm - 5pm

Pour yourself a cup of SPIRITUS tea. Place one teaspoon in 200ml of hot water. Steep for only 1-2 minutes as this blend is primarily of flower petals and herbs. Replenish with more water as needed.

If you require at this time (usually around 4pm, have a handful of walnuts and a small piece of fruit if need be).


Bone broth. You are welcome to find an amazing bone broth recipe off the internet, or you can simply purchase a ready made bone broth at a health food store, or butcher. This will be full of collagen to heal the major organs and the gut.


Repeat this process for 7, 10, 14 or 21 days. Your length of fasting always depends on one's lifestyle and responsibilities. If you're serious about prayer and fasting, start the new year with a 7 day fast, Lent for 21, Mid year a 14 day fast and in November a 7 day fast.

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