• Deus Lux


The Deus Lux Collection was created in response to those who know that holistic beauty always starts within and the body in response to this, shines on the outside. Therefore, our focus has been on organic fasting teas to cleanse the internal organs and aromatherapy for spirit and mind wellness.

We believe maximising the benefits of body longevity starts by fasting and detoxing the body to reset it back to its origins.

We created two loose leaf organic teas in collaboration with Australian organic tea company, Ovvio, which benefit the areas of detoxification by the use of the perfectly blended ingredients developed by a leading naturopath and herbalist. Each tea helps reduce sugar cravings, assists the digestive tract, and acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent healing the gut and detoxing major organs.

In addition, we nourish spiritual and mental beauty with our prayer and meditation candle made from pure essential oils in collaboration with a veteran luxury candle maker based in Sydney. The bespoke oil blend in our candle fights fatigue, lifts the senses and reduces stress. Our essential oil top notes consist of white blossoms such as jasmine, botanic orange, frankincense, patchouli and cashmere woods.

On the horizon, Deus Lux will release additional candles, a hydrating Damascus rose face spritz, aromatherapy car atomisers and anointing oils for the men and women who see fasting as a way of life. Holistic wellness is empowered with the collective understanding that investing in your health now, saves you paying for it later.

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