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I found myself as a young 16 year old standing in the middle of a palace with 70 ft high ceilings and artwork like skies of blue and gold.

They say that your sons and daughters will prophecy and old men will have dreams. This being true, I'm wondering if it is happening now. I'm no theologist, and like many of us I have much revelation to take place in my life before I truly understand the mysteries of God, but I must say, this dream was something else.

Everyone was in love with the King. The kind of Love that was suffering to be fulfilled. It was intoxicating, straight from the heart and directed to Him from Everyone in the Palace.

Like most working parents, it was a late night, I was washing up, my husband was away, and I found my little girl had fallen asleep on the sofa. So after my chores, I picked up her now heavy 6 year old body and carried her to bed.

Struggling to place her down gently, I found myself falling into bed along side her. Exhausted I rolled over and tears just started welling up in my eyes. "I miss you God" I quietly said. I missed everything about Him. His presence, His blessings, His peace and ease in my life and in that moment, I realised I clearly needed my Heavenly Father.

I don't know when I fell asleep, but I do know what I had dreamt when I woke up. It was glorious.

I found myself standing in the middle of a room that could only be described as a chamber of a Palace. It was vast and wide, with 70ft ceilings and walls adorned with gold frames, but no artwork. The artwork was the heavenly blue skies with gold lined clouds captured within the walls and moving in slow motion. There was Rococo styled furniture and a split levelled floor. I sensed myself and I was young, perhaps 16.

Then I saw Him.

Standing at opposite end of the room was the King. I knew He was a King because of the way He was dressed. Royal clothing of the finest fabrics, threaded with gold and elaborate beyond compare. He was looking at me from over His left shoulder, and speaking to me telepathically. No words, just absolute knowledge and understanding communicated between us.

In that moment of catching His eye, my heart burst open like the horizon at sunrise. Gleams of Gold light was flooding from the centre of my being and I knew in that moment also, that every other being, creature and creation in this place was also omitting the same insatiable love towards the King.

There is only one King who would ever have such love and adoration aimed at Him like an army of beings transfixed on His glory, and that is the King of Heaven, Jesus.

I knew in that moment, that I had been acceptant as a servant in His Kingdom and He was commanding my first task. To my right, was a very famous and influential media boss and I was to assist her in fixing a module that was in her hands. So I walked around behind the study desk within this Godly chamber and opened the right drawer. Inside was a small paint brush, as if it were one that He paints the skies with. I gestured for this powerful media woman to hand me her device so that I could fix it. The device seemed to be a small pager, with one end a tiny light, the other a USB port. I painted it like the skies, and handed it back to her.

I found myself back in the centre of the room where this media woman walked up to me, placed her right cheek on my right cheek and whispered into my ear, "Come with me and be my right hand woman, I can give you a powerful career across the world". But all I could do was look into the Amethyst eyes of the King and feel my heart bursting with rapture. Nothing in the world could possibly compare to His abundant love. I knew in that moment, I was a servant to the King.

My next moment I was outside the palace in the gardens. I was looking at myself now from a few feet away and could see my body form. I was a maiden, kneeling down smelling white roses. Fragrant, intoxicating and in full bloom as if each one were operating out of full glory for the King. A moment passed, and telepathically I sensed His presence, which stated to me His real agenda for me being in the palace, was to join Him, as the Bridegroom.

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