The Story

"Deus Lux means God Light in Latin and is a bespoke pure aromatics collection made from essential oils, blossoms and spices found in ancient texts"


The word Deus Lux, means ‘God Light’ in Latin and is a bespoke pure aromatics collection created from essential oils, blossoms and spices found in ancient sacred texts.


The sacred and healing scents are carefully curated with each blend inspiring a connection to another time and place.  The healing qualities of the products inspire the perfect sensory experience in the home or workplace.


Vision Carrier, Louise Edmonds encourages a deeper connection to mind, body and spiritual wellness via the powerful essential oils, organic spices and botanical flora within the products. She’s emphasised the need to look after the earth’s resources with each candle made from high quality environmentally friendly ingredients such as sustainable soy wax, organic cotton wicks and all packaging is forest re-certified. 

“Your sense of smell is the most powerful of the five senses because it has the most influence on memory, mood and emotion. So in a time where we are seeing chronic illness and mental health challenges on the rise, reducing stress through aromatherapy and maintaining inner health via fasting is an essential practice for holistic health”.


Edmonds has partnered with a prestigious candle maker with over 15 years’ experience to create the bespoke candle blends and one of Sydney’s leading naturopaths to create two exceptional fasting teas for the Deus Lux Collection. 

The PRAY FAST HEAL meditation and fasting kit, contains organic loose leaf blends to help reduce sugar cravings, assist digestive problems and act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, healing the gut and the detoxing major organs.